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Newsletter No. 25 | 2013   
Deliveries and project implementations
Automation and control system for Alqueva II hydro power plant, EDP Produção, Portugal
Telecontrol and automation systems for several substations, EDP Distribuição, Portugal
Automation system for El Salto substation, Chilectra, Chile
Automation systems for mobile substations, ANDE, Paraguay
Telecontrol units for traction substations, Light Metro, Singapore

Automation and control system for Alqueva II hydro power plant, EDP Produção, Portugal

Efacec Automation is pleased to announce the conclusion of project for the Portuguese company for power generation EDP Produção, regarding the automation and control system for its Alqueva II hydro power plant (HPP).

Alqueva II project, the power reinforcement of the Alqueva I HPP, in operation since 2004, involved the construction of a new hydraulic circuit and a new power plant at the right bank of the Guadiana River. With two new generator units, 130MW each, the total production capacity the HPP system was doubled.

The distributed control system comprised a complete solution for power plant automation based on the latest CLP 500PAS platform in a high-reliability configuration to manage the two new generator units and associated systems.

The single system includes the substation, and power plant, providing EDP Produção the ability to reliably control and supervise the units, dam and plant systems, control and protect the power circuits (400 kV, 30 kV and 15 kV), to protect the main transformers and generators, as well as to interconnect with Alqueva I control centre.

Inside view of the Plant

The CLP 500PAS power plant automation system is a unified distributed control system platform tailored for the automation of both large and small hydro power plants. CLP 500PAS presents configurations ranging from compact systems to high availability solutions together with field-proven algorithms for unit and field automation that deliver highly efficient and reliable solutions.

Deployed over DCU 500H and UC 500H high-availability controllers, standard, the CLP 500PAS solution installed at Alqueva II presents unprecedented reliability with fully redundant controllers and communication networks and is one of the first worldwide solutions taking advantage of the innovative IEC 61850 standard.

For Efacec Automation, Alqueva II is a most relevant reference in the area of automation systems for hydro power plants, confirming EDP's confidence in Efacec solutions.
Detail of Efacec Solution

Telecontrol and automation systems for several substations, EDP Distribuição, Portugal

The Portuguese distribution system operator EDP continues to rely on Efacec Automation products and solutions, trust that results in multiple awarded projects along the past year. The supplies included systems MV networks monitoring and control, automation systems featuring protection and telecontrol systems for distribution substations. Those supplies are intended to either new installations or upgrades and expansions of existing ones.

In the scope of telecontrol systems, remote terminal units based on CLP 500RTU platform were installed; a flexible and scalable distributed RTU with multiple communication and I/O options, as well as integrated HMI and unified engineering. More recently, we highlight the installation of the newest 220 series relay, which was completed during the last quarter of 2012 at Telheira substation.

For primary distribution substations, multiple systems based on CLP 500SAS platform were commissioned for Gumiei, Vouzela, Alto do Lumiar, Caneças, Loriga, and Zambujal substations.

EDP substation example

The CLP 500SAS solution combines the unified Efacec relay, controller and HMI platform with IEC 61850 and IEC 61113-3 open systems integration. With CLP 500SAS customers can benefit in full confidence from the power and flexibility of advanced substation automation.

The biggest Chilean substation with Efacec substation automation system started operation

Last November 2012, the biggest substation of Chilectra in Chile started its operation - Efacec Automation was chosen to deliver the substation automation system.

The extension of El Salto transmission substation comprised a system based on CLP 500SAS platform, technology integrally developed by Efacec, a platform that integrates fan-less station server (UC 500E), bay control units (BCU 500) and third party protection relays. The communication of all new equipment is performed in accordance to IEC 61850, and additionally all substation legacy devices are integrated in a new system via Lonworks and IEC 60870-5-101.

The El Salto substation (220/110 kV) serves the capital city Santiago and its neighbourhood, with its continuously growing population reaching today approximately 4M inhabitants. Responding to a growing energy and power quality demand Chilectra proceeded with the substation expansion.

Chilectra substation
Efacec Automation is proud to be a part of the El Salto Substation project since the begging, with the commissioning in 2003 by Efacec engineers of the first automation system for this substation.

Automation system for ANDE mobile substation

Another installation in Latin America, was concluded for the transmission operator in Paraguay, with the commissioning of mobile substation for ANDE. The system, delivered through Efacec Energia, included bay control units (BCU 500) and protection relays (TPU S420).

Cooperation between both companies is growing, with Efacec currently working on an additional dozen substation automation projects. For us this growth is a sign of ANDE’s trust in the experience of Efacec and the technical performance of the delivered solutions.

Mobile substation

Efacec Automation delivered hardware and software upgrade to the Singapore light metro operator

The Land Transport Authority (LTA), Singapore’s light metro operator, selected Efacec Automation to deliver the hardware and software upgrade of a set of RTUs installed in 6 traction substations and along the light railway lines.

This upgrade, motivated by the obsolescence in the communication technology, improves reliability and performance of communication between station server units and acquisition units. The accomplishment was acquired by replacing existing RTUs with new RTUs based on UC 500E, using a TCP/IP communications technology, namely the IEC 60870-5-104 international protocol. The UC 500E server family provides an all-in-one flexible communication gateway, automation platform and SCADA/HMI solution for utility and industrial applications.

The LTA runs with Efacec systems for almost a decade, ever since two lines: Punggol and Sengkang, are operating with supervision and control systems from Efacec Automation.

LTA Train